Saturday, April 05, 2014

News At Nine

You always push to
see the ‘big picture’,
that panacea for what’s
happening in your
life and the lives of
others, as though
there is a camera which
can capture everything,
which has no point of
view, no agenda, no
prejudice and in which
everything is in focus.

I give you yesterday,
in the afternoon, sun
a wink and a tease, traffic
heavy rush along Ottawa
Street,  robin crushed
in sky, the thalamus
controlling the traffic of
experience and the
footsteps of hosting
an afternoon passing by.

The airplane crashed out
of binding ground, found
lift and flew over our heads,
heading, heading, you
complaining about noise,
the inconvenience of being
pulled from the pathway,
melting snow, where trees
trussed in winter waited,
we escaping in walk.

On the evening news, there
was film of the car
crash scene, the ambulance,
EMS attending, a plane
ascending, and three names
we couldn’t bear to hear.

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