Thursday, April 24, 2014

Evening Daydream: Yellowknife

On my desk, an elastic bracelet in khaki
camouflage picked from an overflowing bowl.

I dream of places I’ve never been.

Before the service, before his daughters
released balloons, to escape the earth

was the tribute’s theme.  Though in the end
all light is dimmed — doors locked and bolted.

Icarus is a shadow, an ash-clothed ghost.

How high the flames reached (Chinese lanterns)
catching the cooling breeze. I wonder how

many gathered there stood long enough
on the twilight shore to watch the lanterns cease.

The date on the bracelet states 2008-2011.

Not his life, but his time with these friends. 
In my mind I am in Yellowknife, though not

in body — just in mind.  Just in juggling
steps.  Just in deciding how best to fly

and where it's best one last time to land.

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