Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rocket Science Says

Travel to the moon and
                but it’s not

a rational séance
                it’s an
                                emotional hangover

detritus from the storm
                the wine                 the sex

forgiveness when
the void                 abhorred everything

but our commitment          
                                               here's to possibility.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Got The Queen

 Got her.  Figurehead.  Plastered
on the forehead of some ship
and coin navigating oceans.  Truculent.
With family and infamy.  Pensive
matriarch.  In Ontario spring
shuffled away, her sons and daughters
everywhere.  Reminder.  Like
an antique, back shelf.  I listened
to the radio in 1954.  In this world
of everything is seen, YouTube, what
is worth hiding — even for prestige?


Wednesday, May 09, 2012

If It Were Only Words (Mother's Day)

It would be so simple — a savannah
of syllables — feral
yet safe — antonym to war and rage and transgression

and dying flowers in a plastic
vase dedicated to
a truncated emotion one spring Sunday afternoon.

But this is the weed creep
of battered emotions
and the Sahara remaining after the tanks depart

for a further western front —
a further death by political dissonance —
a further childhood raped

and all that remains is emulation —
emigration to a cold country
with a cold response to a cold response.

Friday, May 04, 2012

The Last Canadian Penny

Was minted today.  I suppose now
                the nickel will be the smallest denominator of value.

So, it’s a nickel for your thoughts.  Or
                                maybe more.  Perhaps, $1.98 + HST
and because thoughts are so fragile, there is
a service plan.

For an extra $6.97 (plus HST), there is the thought warranty.
                a thought falls apart within the first three days of use,
return it for a complete refund,
                                                                and 50% off the next brainstorm.
Be creative
                                in a worry-free atmosphere — be

creative.  And profit.