Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Wheels In History Class

It was the age of imagination – half-way between
flying cars and the proper shade of shadow
(applied with dull pencils) for oversized tires
on aerodynamic arrows. It was the age of
stripped-down model T’s, a ‘54 Cadillac,
or a Woody with fuel injection and mags.
It was the age of fins of land-locked ships
that sailed a sea of Aqua-Velva signs –
buoys on the gravel shoulders of interstates.
It was the age of imagination and future.

I read today that GM is contemplating
bankruptcy plans. They’ve gone from
the greatest auto manufacturer to an also-ran.
It’s strange to think that the dreamers can
have their dreams knocked-off, the way jeans
are, or designer watches. And faith.

1 comment:

Aisha said...

Faith yes-- what we called "dollar grins" -- American cars far too broad for narrow twisty Norwegian roads -- and now the glory that was Detroit is crashing left right and centre :-(

Glad oyu are still celebrating April!