Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Border Crossings

between being
Canadian and American –
line in the sand on a windy day –
playing a game of “king of the castle” –
variations of myth-building
and dances at midnight in secure bunkers –
under the moon of laptop glow / radar
screens – streetlights signing
in the opposite corners of cognition
and bifurcating accents drafting
tail-winds of April air – divergent systems
of measurement for landmass and man-mass –
a game of doors and keys – guarded entry
and entry denied

this morning I inquired about your placement
of t-shirts / you said you’d constructed
a new terrain in closets and drawers / I explained
again the intricacies of books on book shelves / how
subject is not superceded by author / nor is my
desk a collection agency when there is doubt

at nine we went for coffee / discussed our next vacation /
even across tightly controlled borders
an amount of free trade remains desirable

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