Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Games For a Tuesday Conversation

In a sentence,

wrapped shawl-like around our actions,
we’ve divided this bit of Tuesday

into segments of time,
constructing life,

a paragraph mimed in fast motion.

This Lego truth owes its existence

to the same architect who wrote
the song you love,

that vase of winter flowers,
a crinkled photograph

in a wallet without money.

Between the eye and the word,

asphalt is a snake,
and our cognitive center

plays bumper-truth,
always trying

for the highest score.


Aisha said...

haven't read you in ages-- been missing some new developments I see.

Anonymous said...


How interesting...I was going to say what K. said, (Hi Aisha), "long time no see."

Your voice is very relaxed in this poem. Accustomed to considering man's place. Yes, we are of this world.


hwf said...

Thanks K and C, I had a great start to the year, writing poetry, then things trailed off. But...I did reach one hundred posts.