Sunday, May 04, 2008

Reading Poetry 325

Hosted by Alex Waters, Internet Poet.
Published online, not in print.
Has his own blog and is a force
on Facebook, where his wall
is constantly assaulted by fans
of his direct speech concerning
the will of words directing language.

His primary focus is on family
and friends as they influence
the dichotomy between the pressures
of work and children.

Expect to see language both
explode and implode around
the ties between the kitchen and
a back alley. Learn what modern
poetry concerns itself with.

Be prepared to offer both fresh
poetic creation and critique.
Be prepared to be ignored.
Go on living and do not expect
a good mark simply for
attending and for being alive.

Remember that all the poets
before you have accomplished
everything that you could ever
imagine. Be prepared to explain
why the poems about you
are not. Then go on to live
in that way.

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