Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Circle #1

we arrive at
train station/cold/sun
carrot soup spilling
over rooftops/love
knot of/coffee
inhabits paper
cups/heat of running
for something flushes
our faces/we arrive
having worked out
the dictionary/having
slept/having been too
hungry to think/cold
disembarkment from
red wine/we arrive
under a flag of
truce/bitter at how
the war evolved/believing
in the Disney book
of history/sprinkling stories
over stale croissants/at
20:13h/when the islands
of heaven have drifted
away and I hold
your hand yesterday


Anonymous said...

A lovely poem, the images spilling out of it, and the 'Beatles' ending. I believe in yesterday.

Carol Saba

hwf said...

Thank you Carol,

I was just trying to work with some aspects of the 'new' time, as recently explained to me :),