Saturday, July 08, 2006

Work Poems

The Infrastructure of a Cog

Elemental is the distance between building
A & B this year. Information packets flow—
hard copy business realities.

This is maintained by ‘Timmy’s’ coffee—
suspenders and cigarettes—an atmosphere of 50’s diner.

We could call it resource conservation,
or recycling. That the environmental by-product
is downward mobility coming to rest
at the feet of poverty—that’s immaterial—
information packets flow.

That Small Book Store Beside the Fish Market

This blink—page there, page gone—
and ideas falling off the earth’s mind—
this newspeak of old events—
don’t tell me society doesn’t need
the ridiculous point of view—don’t
tell me there shouldn’t be countries that
fly under the flag of misinterpreting
the shapes in clouds. An unbalanced ship
has never been able to navigate
from New York to Oslo, yet we are asked
to accept one playing-card construction
of words as enough.

Just don’t throw contradicting ideas around.

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