Saturday, July 08, 2006

Sunset over barn, Mennonite country. Posted by Picasa


carol said...

Wow. It's just beautiful. Imagine--some people get to see the real thing every day.

Oh, wait. Is this a photo-shopped sky?

Carol, trying to comprehend the technique

H. W. Alexy said...

Hi Carol.

The evening was misty-clouded, sun shining through. When I adjusted the levels, the sky went blue and I lost the effect of the faint cloud cover. The same thing happened to a picture of a lighthouse I took on a foggy morning. The final result was a lighthouse with blue sky and blue water and no real sense of horizon.


Aisha said...

thought I commented-- beautiful-- and where is that bookshop -- is there a fish market in your town??

Lofoten probably has the fish--- not the books I bet-- better bring some ...


H. W. Alexy said...


The book store is a bit down King Street, on the way to St Jacobs. The fish market is in the Kitchener Market.

I've already chosen the book to bring: Darwin's Radio...alway did want to finish that book.