Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Security, The Trainee

After the disingenuous bantering and always
as the ebb and flow of proximity cards proceeds
unabated we determine that this work is not
rocket science as though only rocket science matters
and we’re all trying to escape to Andromeda.
Computer work will never escape the keyboard
and cameras will only record the history to which
they’re pointed. And repetition is human. 
Though to fill the empty places of new skin,
he mentions the first time he discovered a corpse,
the road accident, where he helped pull four victims
from a probable death, the way street people swear
when disturbed from their fitful sleep in
whatever corner feels womb-like and warm.
But we’re not in Toronto we’re in a backwater
a Go Train journey away from a relevance
his two-year old son may never understand.

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