Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Paper House

a postcard from Venice
(masks and sighs)
playing cards purchased
in Niagara Falls
the hydro bill (a vandalized
restaurant menu)
ten words on blue file paper
(meant to be a poem)
an empty envelope (two flyers
for Caribbean cruises)
where to find your perfect
grave site
a recipe cut out of
the liquor store booklet
(Tuscany wine label)
note to myself
shopping list (a map
to Twenty Valley vineyards)
Kitchener Rangers
hockey ticket (service
from last month's funeral)
1989 tax assessment
photo of the casket
an email address and an URL
(the cost of a bus
trip to Toronto)
prescription never filled
(how to use flash fill
in portraiture)
Burt Neilson Band review
a half-finished crossword puzzle
(certificate for CPR)
hospital parking pass

garbage pickup is every Thursday

Friday there is less room

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Peter Garner said...

Ohh. This is really good too.