Friday, April 29, 2011

Acid Rock Accordion

this is a note for you / this is text to you / this is Toronto
spring and rain canters / down Queen Street / a robin hugs
black limb reverently / hippies battle beats battle / the
boredom of technology in a coffee shop / honey-glazed

doughnuts sit / settled in smoke sermons to the street / steep
and step into a song / singer at a traffic light stopped / singer
in a bar / singer on / the concrete beach / speaking
in a certain way / about certain things / and this is when
Jimi Hendrix never / owned a guitar / never riffed / with
strings / but owned an accordion in a beat-up case / battled
the polka into an urban wail / turned the gut / the caustic
chords into / the way words break / and convolute and
hum / and swell and cascade B&W montage / a flicker-step
a flicker-thought / a flicker-poem posed / on that cliff
dividing / the next polka wedding song / and the freedom
of an acid mind / lost in the moment of / acid rock accordion

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