Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Mystery of Shopping Carts

Who knows why shopping carts
gravitate into alleyways,
hump curbs, luxuriate
in rain, and rust to
burnished sandstone shades.

I’ve seen them dance
to inner-city gridlock madrigals —
frantic partners of vagabonds,
suburban leaves evicted
from row-house boulevard trees.

I’ve observed their bent bars,
sensual in sunlit waltzes
with chickadees, playmate
to summer-stained children,
last confidant of the dying homeless.


Aisha said...

These are so accomplished and varied in theme and form. Loved to see a Dear Jane letter again clad in piano keys. The Security one is mysterious yet real: we should probably write more poems from work. Will be back to reread. Oh and April is onlytwo months away

Judy said...

I love this. Quirky. Observant.