Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cat’s Cradle

Bound around fingers, a twisted ligature emerges
under March light. You bring your palms ashore —
prow cleaving a settling tide —

accept the cradle, commence
weaving alterations. I detect metamorphosis,
as though orange-flaked caterpillar

has scaled the milkweed leaf,
or sun crept determinedly to naturalize
the dusk in leaf-clogged eaves.

An ennui entraps me then
and stretched white yarn becomes
a snow-stopped plain, an enervating slap

of leaden waves, seagulls screeched over carrion,
dust on the sofa’s dark arms.
Clock drags the sun along,

shadows are a deceptive place, with stuffed corners
and secured doors, hidden chairs and alley cats —
smiles tooled to razor blades.

I slowly furrow my lands — uncertain terrain —
acknowledge your incorporated cities against mine —
carefully resift structure, lest the cradle should fall.

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