Tuesday, January 01, 2013

January 01, 2013

a traffic light changes every
two minutes red and green
red and green and during
rush hour it’s dangerous
to cross against the red

road kill road kill

I sit at the kitchen table
it’s morning and I think what
does a milk box have to
do with the moon and
green men on Mars
or an app and a loaded ipod

what does a slide rule reveal
about 3-D and the crawling
zombies of sleepy Main Street
who hang at Tim Horton’s
each evening to celebrate
the sacrificial slaughter
of the sun

it’s difficult even on
New Year’s day
when fresh snow covers
much of the city
and the quiet
of stalled commerce
irritates the capitalist genes

it’s difficult to unravel
and stretch and grasp and
realize and make mind
and body break out of the
mold and take
that first step from the curb
against the natural flow
of traffic and to believe

traffic lights change
every two minutes and
the sun rose this morning
without breaking stride

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