Sunday, November 15, 2009

In the Hatchway of Probable Impossibilities

Time stops / BEgins stitched and RAGged
wobbly-HIStoried / DAYs weaned from
EXpecation /a bullet / a bomb / a ROAD
a ship and ocean / WHEN ocean still was
separation / Respite / and road was DEStination.

I mumble AUTumn flowers / the DESicration

Between coffee and a half-CENtury of desperaTION.

Can you NOT ImaGINE that your ISOlation was
as much an ABANdonment of me as it was
you / young GIRl / losing the world / Mountains
and SKY / not consoled / argumentative
in the broken TIME machine.

1 comment:

Aisha said...

Curiouser and curiouser--
weak line-endings was the last new thing I tried, now it seems CAPitalIZation is the name of the game :-o

I am stunned.
Please mail me the inspiration for this-- unless oyu have started a new School of Poetry just LIKE that!