Friday, March 06, 2009

When You Expect and When I Don’t Deliver

Call it fate
though fantasy is more exact.
That tendency to
peer into an unrealized future
and construct an infrastructure
of events.
Then expect the realization of speculation.

Gamble. Buy a lottery ticket. Expend time
on the Ouija board. Pick up stix
and toss then into readable pattern
as though words are never enough.
And waiting out time is too long a time.

The sun setting will never be a surprise.
That cloud positioned just so
will be. Because in the world
of future telling there are no clouds
just events in harsh sunlight.
Noon. There are no shadows
because shadows have their own life.

The world between ‘I thought’ and ‘I know’
that events will unravel to the tune
of ‘this is what I knew would happen’.

As though time has no personality except the one imprinted
on it by the breezes of our passing.

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