Friday, July 11, 2008

Back Stage Disney

in the ordinary world

bedclothes and breakfast ornaments


lives the common life

roasting ants with a magnifying glass and

the words in books
against encroaching bodies

I have a dream
it rattles off the rules of every world
ever built by man

I have a dream
that waves fall in supplication to
concrete poured this morning

and love is a skittish rabbit running
back yards in the neighbourhood of

the way July
bleeds into September

I have a dream regarding love
and making love
and making peace

while the paint on the garage door dries
and the doves in the side yard pine coo
to the history of

the differences between a European refugee
and those escaping African genocide

as though a bullet would know the difference
or a social faux pas

or the sun setting on towering pines
and not on mangos / banana trees /a coral reef

or the sun setting
against our concrete kiss on the border

where the ants struggle against the universe of garage
and the gods remain confused

about boundaries

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