Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happening At The Zoo

I watched Guantanamo gorilla through the chain-link grate doe-eyed
disinterest the way passing Cuban (we contained by bus) considered
us – tourists on a tour of the other world with its otherwise like us
culture twisted the way our front yard mulberry tree twists towards
the driveway and our two cars parked forever homage to a garage
full of things unfit for house for marriage and for home decorating

and I considered the considerable of cages (caught) containing even
this wind leaking from sunset down the boulevard of verandah
the verite of vermillion eyes encased by square links and the certitude
that escape is only a way of discovering other cages craftily constructed
to contain the considerable conclusions of our hapless helplessness
in the dull moments we cry out our failures to care or love enough

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