Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Suggestion For Positive Attitude

I have never discovered truth
(seagulls against moon) crying
in a cloak of dusk (red fallen ellipses
the devil’s work) and willing light

(no/we imagine mysteries as though
they’re cloaks laid across minutes
to disguise them)

but in the shadows an afternoon sun deposits
on the grain work of cities/streets/window views
(the thunder of an accidental storm)
and silhouettes swooning (through drawn blinds)

because (I have never discovered) truth
is the interpretation of dreams (sensitive
to light) and magic—that café where

(in the way history swoons)
we sit by ourselves and the world flows
over us (tsunami, tsunami, running bright)—
incantation to an idea/I see (branded on every action)

the way hope bends light into rainbows
before racing forever away

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