Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Comment left on Paula's site...

The Train

The train is the blues
travelling through back yards
where scabs are exposed.

The train is what we hear
at midnight unable to sleep.

The train is a penny placed
on rusty rails behind
the strip mall and flatened.

The train is that distance between
where we are and where we remember being.


Aisha said...

I saw the inspiration for this ... wonderful that flattened blues note, like the penny on the track (hey I caught you mis-spelling!)

Paula said...

The most poetic an enjoyable comment, Helm.

Anonymous said...

Sitting in an internet cafe in the Munich airport, too early, flight not until 1120h departure for Oslo, so thanks both of you. This is a German keyboard. The Z is where the Y should be and everzthing else is different. Talk about kezboard dzslexia...


Aisha said...

And now there are Æ Ø Å