Sunday, May 28, 2006

Songs From the Corporate Chuck Wagon

Songs From the Corporate Chuck-Wagon

You got to be Cowboy to pony
through today, spurs
to bank book, straight-up in

enterprise’s saddle, to negotiate
tumbleweed Starbucks,
morning’s first cigarette

like abrasive prairie
dust howling down your throat—

you got to be Cowboy, on I 75,
pinched by the herd
(slow-motion stampede into

thunderhead-defined city),
fording market river, lassoing
driftwood profit, thalwag man

of the world, tipping your VISA
Gold hat to each passing merger—

you got to be Cowboy to survive
snow love winters in deep hope foothills,
desperate, camped under frozen

touch forests, living for moments
of tenderness and promises, before
storms of lingering withdrawal—

you got to be Cowboy, forever
stretched toward horizon, to gallop
upward from each training course,

degree in holster, schemes in saddlebag—
straight-shooter of the greenback sage.


Aisha said...

EXcellent metaphor.

"...On the Web, the bloggers come and go
Speaking of Michaelangelo.
Dare I blog a speech? ..."

H. W. Alexy said...

Must have been thinking of the old Dallas series :)

...I think I hear the greenbacks sing,
but will they sing for me? :)))