Thursday, November 03, 2005

Yesterday was a sunny day after a few days of dull skies, like sore blisters, leaking rain. I grabbed my camera, got into the car early in the morning and drove to St Jacobs, where I parked by the Trans Canada Trail—that portion which tacks the old mill race. It was cold, near O C. The colours had shifted from the bright reds and oranges of a week ago, to more yellows, many of them sombre. It was more the colours of a razed corn field, as though the doors were being opened, the guests to the long celebration asked to depart into a weakening sun.

I brought only my macro 150mm lens, so I was limited in the types of photos I could take. I decided to go for isolated objects, though I did try a few scenic shots, with limited success, especially at f 2.8. The depth of focus is just too shallow.

The above photo was taken at the head of that portion of the trail. Someone had obviously found a mitten and placed it upon a rock for the owner to find. I took it as an omen of what was to come.

I had too much lens, but looking across the mill-run, the leaves in the woods there were spilling toward the water as though they were a lava flow.

Leaves over water above, with an old stump supplying an honour-guard of sorts.

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