Monday, August 08, 2005

On the Blue Heron sunset cruise, we saw much of the rugged east coastline of the Bruce Peninsula. Somewhere on top of the escarpment, the Bruce Trail makes its way to Tobermory, as rugged as the escarpment it tacks. Posted by Picasa


Aisha said...

So this is where you reinvent your blog :)
The place I never went to...

H. W. Alexy said...

Hello Aisha,

thanks for dropping by. Yes, this is where I've reinvented myself, my blog.

You know, I'm haunted by the fact that there's a beginning line in your comment, "The place I never went to",
as though I should write something like:

The place I never went to,
the place I never drew silk
curtain on a day—

The place I never walked to,
the place has drifted down roads
leading to a bay—

The bay I never swam in,
the bay I never saw seagulls
dance a setting sun—

and so on :)